Agar-Agar is derived from certain red seaweed types belonging to the Rhodophyceae family. An alakai treatment method is used to extract Agar from the seaweed. The two main types of Agar include Gracilaria and Gelidium.    


Agars produce a wide range of gelling and thickening effects. They require heat to completely solubilize and will gel upon cooling. Agars do not require any additional substances to gel.

Agars produced from Gracilaria show an increased gel strength when used in high sugar applications. Additionally, agars produced from Gelidium have been known to have synergistic effects with galactomannans such as locust bean gum.

Product Range:

Ingredients Solutions offers a broad range of Agar-Agar products.

G-Type Agar – Gracilaria – Soluble at boiling temperatures

RS-Type Agar – Gracilaria – Soluble at 90˚C

S-Type Agar – Gracilaria – Soluble at 90˚C

GA-Type Agar – Gelidium – Soluble at boiling temperatures



Fruit Preparations and Syrups:      

  • Jams and Jellies
  • Pie Fillings


  • Water Gel
  • Custard
  • Flan


  • Glazes and Icings
  • Batters and Dough